Liberation Running

You will never find time for running. You must make the time. Make that time for you - to think about anything, everything, or nothing at all. Run free, liberated from technology, or run with all the gadgets - just run.

Running Resume

Robyn's Running Resume

First 5K: Vista Ridge 5K Run,  September 1989...I was nine years old.  After that race, I was taking part in the 5K circuit around the Dallas metroplex each weekend.  I also won 3rd and then 1st place in 5th and 6th grade for running the most miles within the school year.  This is when my love for running began...

I have run four half marathons.  PR 1:53
Favorite: Dallas North Trails Half and Half (half marathon on Saturday and half marathon on Sunday!)

I have run thirty-seven marathons. PR 3:42:18
Age bracket sweep 1998-2000, 1st and 3rd place female (age group) in eight races.
Favorite Marathons: Ft. Lauderdale A1A and Dallas White Rock Marathon.

Ultramarathon highlights:

March 2009 - Ninja Runner 42.5 mile run. Along A1A through six cities in Palm Beach/Broward Counties.
Crew Chief: Tami Pippin and Pam Heck

May 2009 - Keys 100 mile run. Key Largo to Key West, FL.
2nd female in age bracket. 
Crew Chief: David Flores

June 2009 - Pacer for the Brennison 50 miler.
Crew Chief: Tim Brennison

June 2010 - Pacer for Lisa Smith-Batchen  - 50 miles.
(during her "50 miles in 50 states in 50 days") in Phoenix.
Self-supported. Completed 50 miles.

November 2010 - 24 Hour Treadmill Relay at Mountainside Fitness.
86.31 miles completed in 24 hours.  3rd USA Female, 9th International Female.  Crew Chief: Kelsey Hughes and Carrie Butler.

February 2011 - 24 Hour Treadmill Relay Team at Phoenix Coyotes NHL Arena.
First 4 female team to complete a relay of this caliber, collectively logging 139.81 miles setting a new world record.  Teammates: Jill Monson, Amy Craft, and Sarah Mitcham.  Crew Chief: Kelsey Hughes and Clarissa Borboa.

June 9, 2011 - Canal 50 miler in South Phoenix, AZ.

October 14 -15, 2011 - Javelina 12 Hour Night Run in Fountain Hills, AZ.
Self-supported.  Completed 50K.

December 29-30, 2012 - Across the Years Ultra Series in Phoenix, AZ.

Coaching Experience

2005-2006 - Head Coach of Cross Country and Track (Boy and Girl Middle School Teams).
2006-2007 - Cross Training Coach for Middle School and High School Girls' Soccer.
2009 to 2014 - Personalized Coaching for Kids and Adults.
2011 - 2013- Mountainside Fitness Running Club Coach; private coaching (Carefree and Peoria locations)
2013-2014 - Desert Heights Preparatory Academy High School Running/Conditioning Club
2015- current - Private coaching in-person and via online


Race Distance: 31 miles

Training Shoes: Altra; Brooks Green Silence; New Balance Minimus.

Drink: H20; Pedialyte; Cotton Candy Bang

Supplement:  PES Snickerdoodle Protein Powder

Road or Trail?  I am a pavement runner now that I live in north Texas, but I do miss running on the sand on the beaches of South Florida and the desert trails of Arizona!

Strange habits?  I always run against traffic and if I am running with someone, I must be on the outside (closer to the road).  I guess it is a protective mechanism! I also go hit the bathroom more than once before running, and at least twice during long runs....TMI.

Favorite Race: The Keys 100 miler was definitely the most character-building run for me.  I trained and completed it while breastfeeding twins.  You can make time for anything - do not wait for it to just "happen"....