Liberation Running

You will never find time for running. You must make the time. Make that time for you - to think about anything, everything, or nothing at all. Run free, liberated from technology, or run with all the gadgets - just run.


Accountability, Consistency, and Determination = Success!

Are you an advanced runner who is stuck in a rut?  Are you just starting your running journey? Do you need some additional guidance when it comes to running?  I am happy to assist!

Each and every runner (and body) is unique and has a different goal in mind.  No two runners are alike.  If you would like coaching, please email me (see below).  I offer online programs with high expectations and requirements for accountability as well as in-person assessments in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas area, Nashville, TN, and Reno, NV areas (subject to scheduling):

I can help beginner to advanced runners with the following:
  • Running form
  • Strength and Stretching for Runners
  • Consultation regarding running specific goals
  • Planning and training for a race: 5K to Ultramarathon (more than the standard 26.2 mile marathon) distances
  • "Liberation" Running (running as a celebration of movement and not a specified goal)
  • Post-Race Blues: "What the heck do I do now that my goal is attained?!"
  • Middle and high school cross country training / conditioning (pre-season/post-season)
  • Nutritional guidance for runners (I am proudly an Avatar Nutrition Ambassador). I highly recommend this service for nutritional guidance - visit (this is an additional fee of $9.99/month paid to Avatar Nutrition).


A La Carte
Running assessment only  (in person). 

Running assessment only  (online - must have access to FaceTime or Skype).

Monthly Running Training - Goal Specific (in-person):
Includes initial running assessment, meet-ups for running around town, training schedule, strength and stretching recommendations, check-ins (weekly or more frequent, depending on goals and needs).

Monthly Running Training - Goal Specific (online): 
Includes assessment / reassessment, training schedule, strength and stretching recommendations, check-ins (weekly or more frequent, depending on goals and needs).

💥Monthly Running Training - Liberation Running (online):
This unique program coincides with "homework" and a journal for you to reflect and write about your thoughts regarding movement and running.  This program caters to the physical, intellectual, and emotional experiences of running. This is a great program for:
  • those who are re-acquainting themselves with running after an injury or limitation.
  • those who are in recovery (physical and emotional!) after a race or goal accomplishment.
  • those who dread exercise or are anxious about starting a workout program and need guidance and listening ears!
This program includes daily reflection "homework" and journal, running schedule and check-ins (weekly or daily depending on needs).

Let's create a program that will help you stay consistent, hold yourself accountable, and learn about how you are motivated.  I am a teacher - I want you to learn about yourself while working hard to reach your running goals. I do not believe you should always depend on a coach - just have a coach to temporarily guide you to maximizing your potential and setting yourself up for success on your own!  As I mentioned before, everyone is different.  I can create a package for your needs.

If you are interested in running support or coaching, please email me at
I will return your email with a questionnaire to see if we are a good fit to work together!

I look forward to helping you reach your goals - and, more importantly, help you learn more about yourself along the way!

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