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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

24 Hour Treadmill Relay PRE-Run

Tomorrow is the big day! The Purple Crewsaders, Jill Monson, Sarah Mitcham, Amy Craft, and I, are running as a relay team for 24 hours on the treadmill at the Arena where the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes play. Kelsey Hughes is our leading lady as crew chief once again and we have Brianna Wilson and Clarissa Borboa, along with others, ready to pace! We have teamed up with Donna Bartos of The Purple Ribbon Council, making magic happen once again! We are running for the children who have been orphaned due to domestic homicide. It has to end.

It has been three months since I did the run solo. I learned so much from that experience and hope that I can be of help to my fellow runners who are all trying to beat their own personal records. I tweaked my training and scaled it down as if training for a 50 miler. I have found that "running" on the treadmill is just glorified "bouncing" in I made sure to do a heck of a lot more jump roping in my own training this time around along with running on the treadmill, hill training and interval training, and of course cycling and tabata training. Every runner knows NOT to eat anything different on race day, but I was lax on that during the solo run is probably what ruined it for my stomach. I have my lunchbox full of wonderful food that I trust and KNOW will fuel me correctly and give me a quick recovery so I can go running on Friday morning with my running club! 

So...once again, I find myself removing the sediment from my mind and clearing a nice cozy cave to zone into during my part of the run. This time, the atmosphere will be much different: The average temperature is 56 degrees Farenheit, my iPod died, and there will be a stadium full of hockey fans in the final hours of running. No pressure.

There will be a skype stream of the run starting tomorrow night. The skype name is "Purple Crewsaders". Please go to and click on "Pucks for Purple" to get more information regarding this run and the CAUSE.
Stay tuned for the RECAP.

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